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Albany Sports Challenge


In an effort to engage the youth and young adults at our Unite The City event, we incorporated a sports component. The Albany Sports Challenge is patterned after the competition used in the NFL by their Chaplaincy program headed by Athletes in Action. These events were called the Football Pro Challenge.


The NY Giants Pro Challenge event was modified by Pastor David in the early 2,000’s. He had the players engage “with” a larger group of fans and not play “against” a limited high school or college team.


The results were evident as it brought the fans together while giving the players an opportunity to connect in a way that they would never have been able to. It was a “win-win” for everyone.


The Albany Sports Challenge event is overseen by Jamil Hood, Sr. who is a Board member of ALERT. It is composed of modified sports games that ensure a fun, excitement, and most of all engagement, between our youth and our law enforcement partners.


There are relay races, tug of war battles, three leg races, bubble soccer games, and basketball.


There are trophies and medals given out to the participants and there is still plenty of time for them to enjoy the Unite The City festivities in the center of the park.


In 2022, our plan is to add a Step Team and other components for those who may not play sports. Details to follow.


Alert’s Albany Sports Challenge is an event like no other.

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