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Albany Fire Department


Leave Behind NARCAN Initiative


The Albany Fire Department is participating in the “Leave Behind Narcan” Initiative in conjunction with the NYS Department of Emergency Medical Services and the Regional Emergency Medical Organization. 


Since February 2020, this program has allowed Albany Firefighters to leave behind a naloxone overdose treatment kit when in a situation where they believe opioids may be used.


Albany Firefighters who have either responded to an individual experiencing an opioid-related overdose (At-Risk Person), or someone they believe may be otherwise at risk of opioid overdose, can now leave behind an Overdose Response Kit.


The Kit will be left with either the At-Risk Person or with family members, friends, or other persons who are in a position to assist the At-Risk Person.


The naloxone distribution must be done with brief “just in time” training of the indications and use of the naloxone including use of the company video training. The only naloxone to be issued through this program will be the single step 4mg in 0.1mg nasal formulation.


For more information please contact:

Albany Fire Department

26 Broad Street

Albany, NY 12202

(518) 447-7879

(518) 447-7883 Fax



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