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Community and Law Enforcement

Award Ceremony 2021


ALERT is effective because of committed community members and law enforcement officers, agents, and lawyers.


In 2020 we identified several individuals who have given their lives over to ensuring that peace and justice prevail in a city that is the Capital of New York State.

In the link below we have our Community Champions who are recognized for their great leadership in the communities they serve.


You will also find our Community Bridge Builders who support and work very hard to ensure that stronger relationships between our city and those who are commissioned to "Serve and Protect" us are built. 

Because of COVID 19, we chose to postpone the ceremony for the sake of everyone's health as we believe that a public acknowledgment is most appropriate for these fine individuals.

 We will be having the Community and Law Enforcement Awards ceremony in 2021 when the Capital Region is deemed safe and reopens for corporate gatherings.

Please join me in congratulating each of these individuals on being recipients who are well deserving of the recognition.

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