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With COVID protocols reduced, we have a robust calendar for this year.

There are four Improving Your Quality of Life events planned that will be hosted by the Albany Housing Authority and the South Mall Towers. Our first was April 26, and we are grateful to provide services and resources to our region that will give many residents in our often underserved communities, a greater quality of life.

Our Community and law Enforcement Awards ceremony will be held on June 15th. Following up on last year's twenty-one (21) award winners, this year we are honoring 28 individuals who often work behind the scenes to ensure that our bigger picture of peace, safety, and unity is accomplished. Join me in congratulating these fine individuals.

On August 27th, we will be resuming our Unite The City carnival-themed event along with our Albany Sports Challenge where we engage our residents with the law enforcement agencies that we are in partnership with. Designed to be fun for the entire family, this is one event that you will not want to miss. 


In December we will resume our Community Leader and Law Enforcement Summit where we bring leaders in our region together to dialogue around solutions to some of the issues that plague our city and spark future conversations that will benefit our city.


We are excited to be having these vital events designed to engage our residents with law enforcement, therefore strengthening and making our region safer.


We hope to see you in 2023

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