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It is impossible to foster engagement if we do not get the residents to interact with law enforcement.


To this end we promote events throughout the year that foster engagement on various levels and with different groups.

  • Improving Your Quality of Life events provide services and resources to our region that will give our senior residents and those who live in underserved communities, a greater quality of life. 

  • Our Community and law Enforcement Awards ceremony is an event where we honor between 25 and 35 community residents and law enforcement personnel for their efforts to make the Albany region better and stronger. Many work behind the scenes to ensure that our bigger picture of peace, safety, and unity, are accomplished. 

  • Our Unite The City carnival-themed event is where we engage our residents with the law enforcement agencies that we are in partnership with. It is a day of fun, food, prizes, and exhibitions. It is an event that has something for everyone and we provide this at no cost to the attendees. Designed to be fun for the entire family, this is one event that you will not want to miss. 

  • In December we have our Community Leader and Law Enforcement Summit. Here we bring leaders in our region together to have dialogue and develop possible solutions to some of the issues that plague our city. These are conversations that often spark future dialogue between the community organizations that attend and the law enforcement agencies throughout the year. This is a great benefit for our region.

  • The Albany Sports Challenge is an event that targets our youth and young adults. Through modified sports events, our youth have a great opportunity to engage with law enforcement in ways that can foster long-lasting relationships.

We are excited to have these vital events designed to engage our residents with law enforcement. These events strengthen relationships and make our region safer.


We hope to see you at one of our events.

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