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ABOUT ALERT Partnership, Inc

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The Albany Law Enforcement Resolution Team is committed to seeing peace maintained and trust increased in our region.


We are in operation to be a liaison between the communities that make up the Albany, New York region and the law Enforcement officials who have sworn to protect and serve its residents.

Without healthy dialogue between both, we will never achieve a harmonious region. Neither will especially the African American community and other Person's of Color be free of the fear that has been perpetuated around the nation and have also found a lodging place in the lives of many in our city.

As we continue bringing our communities and law enforcement officials together, we are confident that we will make life better for ALL residents. 

We have been honored to receive numerous local and national acknowledgments for our peace keeping efforts. 


Our hope is that you will take this journey with us as build for tomorrow and leave a better region for our children and grandchildren.


ALERT Partnership, Inc, An entity like none other!  

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