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2022 Alert Awards

Albany continues to make strides in bridging the relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. 

In 2021, we had our first Awards ceremony where we honored twenty-one (21) members of the community and the law enforcement agencies that we are in partnership with. The goal of both is to provide an atmosphere for healthy interactions and a foster stronger city.   


This year, we are honoring twenty-eight (28) individuals from law enforcement and the City of Albany who takes making our city and region seriously, we call these residents "Albany Community Bridge Builders."    These fine men and women have stood the test of time and forged relationships by advocating for the communities they live in. Their mission in life includes making Albany better and stronger through their specific life accomplishments.

What each of these recipients has in common is the fact that they do not want to be recognized for what they do. Most work behind the scenes and even their bios reflect only a small portion of the great impact they have made on our city and region.

On Wednesday, June 15, 2022 we will be celebrating each of these fine men and women who have helped make our city and region better. 

Please join the ALERT Partnership, Board of Directors, and Task Force, in congratulating each of this year's Albany Community Bridge Builders. We are blessed and fortunate to have them in our region. 

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