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Founded in 2015, ALERT’S approach to community and law enforcement interaction is formed to build greater understanding, greater trust, and greater respect, by both entities.


Our goal is to engage our community and law enforcement on various levels. By building a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and trans-generational bridge between these groups, we will bring greater peace and harmony to our city and region.

The strength of ALERT is in the interaction between various communities and the law enforcement agencies we have developed a partnership with. Our goal is to bring both entities together to share knowledge, concerns while gaining understanding into what is needed to build a stronger city.

To reach this objective, we have a Task Force made up of a diverse group of people from various communities in our region. We meet throughout the year to plan and strategize on what would best serve our objective of "engaging" the community and law enforcement.


We have several events designed to engage the communities at large, community leaders, and certain groups. Everyone can benefit from this partnership.


There is the Unite The City and Albany Sports Challenge community events that engages law enforcement and builds strong relationships between community members as well.


The Community Leader and Law Enforcement Summit is designed to give our community leaders access to law enforcement leaders.


The strength in having this type of interaction is not what happens "in" the meeting, but the engagement that happens between our community leaders and law enforcement "after" the meeting is over throughout the year.   

Our Improving Your Quality of Life events are designed to help combat our cities Opioid Crisis while bringing much needed services to the underserved communities.

We provide easily accessible information, assistance, and support services, that will help give residents a better quality of life.


Support services are provided by Community organizations and law enforcement agencies that we are in partnership with.

Our hope is that the fruit of these events will be "Changed lives and more productive residents."


ALERT is more than meetings. We believe in changing lives.


Our hope is that you will join us in this mission.

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