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2022 Unite The City

Our Unite The City events bring the youth and families of Albany together in a spirit of fun and harmony.

The goal is to develop camaraderie with law enforcement and other residents of the city.

This is an opportunity to engage in a carnival-type, fun atmosphere. There are dozens of games to play, fun interaction with law enforcement,  and dozens of helpful displays by community organizations and law enforcement agencies.

There are also "superhero" cosplay characters to greet and take pictures with attendees. The portrayal we want to give is "When the superheroes leave and are fighting universal crime, our local law enforcement officials remain to ensure that we remain safe."

The event is provided free of charge to enter, free of charge to play games as often as you wish, and free to win carnival-type prizes, for all participants in every game.


Below are 200 pictures from Unite The City 2022. We hope to see you in 2023 as we Unite The City through more family fun!

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