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New York State University at Albany Police


The department’s current focus pertains to establishing innovative and meaningful opportunities for engagement with our community. One such program is the department’s Community Liaison Program.


This initiative involves identifying constituent groups in our community and collaboratively working with their respective department liaison officer(s). This program has proved well in establishing relationships and providing community groups with a familiar contact within the department to facilitate conversation and exchange information.


Another focus of the department pertains to our recruitment efforts. The department’s Recruitment Unit works in partnership with community members to offer information sessions and test preparatory classes to educate and assist our community in becoming University Police Officers.


Diversification of the New York State University Police Officer Candidate pool is an important step to better understanding and serving our communities.


For more information contact:

Deputy Chief Jennifer L. Baldwin

New York State University Police at Albany 

1400 Washington Avenue

Albany, NY 12222

(518) 442-5856 Ph

(518) 442-3399 Fx

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