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Eric D. Hawkins

Chief of Police

Albany Police Department

165 Henry Johnson Boulevard

Albany, New York 12210


The Albany Police Department has recently developed and is making available to the Albany residents, two new programs that are designed to address the disparity in minority hiring and enhance community relations with them. These are The Police Internship and Cadet Program, and (T3-C3) Time to Talk – Community and Cops Collaborating.


You are encouraged to apply for the internship and inquire about how you can be involved in the T3-C3 programs.

Police Cadet Internship Program


To increase the amount of minority and female officers, the Albany Police Department has created the Adult Police Cadet Internship Program


The Adult Police Cadet Program is grant-funded and offers opportunities for Albany residents to work part-time in the Albany Police Department.  The program will expose the interns to every aspect of police operations and provide valuable mentoring opportunities. 


During this two-year program, they will undergo regular training and familiarization sessions with officers.  Additionally, they will have responsibilities that may include, “gathering information, helping with crime reports, tracking cases and warrants, and performing public assistance by helping with the department’s front desk answering service.” 


Ultimately, the program helps the interns prepare for the Police Officer Civil Service Test.


The program is funded by a Federal Community Development Block Grant and targets young men and women from disenfranchised areas of the City of Albany. 


Please visit for more information about the program.



 (T3 C3) Time To Talk – Community and Cops Collaborating


The Albany Police Department has launched a new community-oriented program called Time to Talk – Community and Cops Collaborating (T3 C3).


The program provides interaction between police officers and select community members who will meet on a regular basis. They will discuss issues that impact police-community relations.  The discussions are confidential and facilitated by respected longtime Albany resident April Purcell-Bacon. 


The meetings are closed to the public with no media present.  T3 C3 is designed to build upon the department’s current community outreach efforts by creating safe spaces for police officers to engage in open, honest, and unfiltered dialogue with Albany residents. 


The results so far have been promising.  Meaningful discussions involving a variety of issues have occurred.  Specific topics, pre-determined in advance, are posed each meeting for discussion.  The topics differ each meeting. 


The officers and community members have opportunities to exchange perspectives and ideas with each other.  The dialogue that occurs during the monthly meetings will help mend, strengthen, and further police-community partnerships.     


If you have any questions about the program, please contact Lieutenant Joseph McDade at 518-458-5665.



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